About Us 

Discover Caregivers was created with the idea of overcoming the hiring limitations of the home care industry.  After many years of working as a nurse in the healthcare industry, I have notices that our current model of finding and hiring caregivers is not working.  Due to the shortage of qualified caregivers and the difficulty to find those great caregivers, much of the focus goes towards hiring.

Discover Caregivers gives you back the control and, in turn, allows you to focus on what’s most important – the care of a loved one.  Our team of professionals has spent many years working in the industry and dreaming of how we can improve it.  This site is a way that we can give back to families and their loved ones as they search for the perfect care options.  We want to empower care givers and careseekers with tools to succeed.  Our passion is making sure that Discover Caregivers users have a positive experience with caregiving or finding the care they need.  Let’s make this process as simple as possible!

Our Mission

We seek to create the most simple and rewarding caregiving experience for both caregivers and those individuals searching for care.