Caregiving Jobs on Discover Caregivers

14 Nov, 2016

Caregiving Jobs on Discover Caregivers

Caregiving Jobs on Discover Caregivers

Whether you are looking for your first caregiving job or a new caregiving opportunity, Discover Caregivers is the place to go.  Discover Caregivers was created by a caregiver for caregivers.  It offers various opportunities to promote, educate, and find jobs for caregivers.  It’s easy to use and offers a ton of benefits!

The Discover Caregivers Benefit

Create A Profile:  Discover Caregivers gives you the ability to create a profile and promote yourself.  You can show the world the accomplishments that you have made as a caregiving professional.   Add things like experience, education, bios, photos, expected pay rate, and much more to make your profile more dynamic.  

To create a profile Click Here

Education Opportunities:  Discover Caregivers is striving to create an educational experience for caregivers.  We feel like getting our caregivers as much information about current events in the healthcare world is so important.  We also value helping caregivers to further their educations and provide information on receiving their CNA, MA, LPN, or RN licenses.  

Search Job Listings:  Discover Caregivers offers caregivers free access to thousands of jobs.  There are new jobs posted constantly on our site, and we want our caregivers to have access to those opportunities.  Potential employers are looking for caregivers to join their team and willing to work with you to get you started.  

Get Hired:  It’s easy to get hired on Discover Caregivers.  We have various tools that let you search and favorite the jobs that best suite your needs.  You can also set up alerts and wait for the perfect job to come to you with the Job Alerts page.  The application process is simple and quick.  You apply for jobs using the profile you created to become a member of the Discover Caregivers team.   

Being a caregiver is one of the most important and noble professions to work in.  Caregivers make a difference everyday in the lives of those they care for.  Discover Caregivers offers a better way to care.  Become a part of the Discover Caregivers Team today!



  1. i am jagath from srilanka, currently i am working in israel as a caregiver for seven years. now i am looking for a job any good country. iam instrsting about you. if you like help me to find a chance reply me please.

    thank you

    kind regards
    jagath panagodage

    • Hi Jagath! Thanks for contacting us at Discover Caregivers. We currently do not have job positions outside of the United States, however this is something that we are going to begin as the demand grows. At that time we will make a press release and I will send you a message. Feel free to create a caregiver profile to get started. Thanks again for contacting us!

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